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Give us your problem and Eiger will solve it


Completely unify communications at every level

Build communities and meaningful engagements

Optimize your EMR and workflows

Improve quality of care

Reduce costs

Professionals in the healthcare industry do not communicate enough and often sporadically across a number of different applications. Eiger brings all communication needed to one place.

Caregivers are often the messenger between the professionals and the patients. It is vital for them to be able to communicate freely, securely and efficiently with their teams and patients.

Eiger will revolutionize the patients' experience with telemedicine allowing them to communicate freely with their caregivers and healthcare teams.

High-quality HD video calling and screen sharing will allow up to four people or four groups to communicate visually with one another.

In addition to video calling, Eiger also allows HD quality voice calling. With Eiger allowing its user to login on up to four devices at one time, the software can turn your desktop into a phone and allow efficient, recordable communication in an instant.

Unlike other communications companies in healthcare, Eiger does not treat each conversation separate. All conversations are captured and stored to be easily retrieved and shared. Patients and providers are able to communicate instantly and easily using the same phone number for telephonic calls, video, instant messaging, file sharing, integrated email and more.

What is

Eiger is a fully unified communications solution designed to integrate seamlessly into your organization and dramatically improve communication, engagement, and efficiency. Eiger is an eco-system of world-class technologies with experts in the communications and healthcare fields ready to help you solve your communications problems.


World Class

Eiger partners with world-class healthcare consultants, technology partners, software developers, and thought leaders. Our team is capable of integrating Eiger's capabilities and functions into your existing structure creating a custom and seamless implementation across your organization.

Scalability 0
Seamless Integration 0
Efficiency 0
Flexibility 0

Combine 18 communication features and world class technologies into one with Eiger.


Connect and revolutionize the communication between three pillars of healthcare: patient, caregiver and professional.

Ways To Communicate

Providing users with 8 ways to communicate with each other.


Each user can login on up to four platforms simultaneously, turning a mobile phone, tablet, desktop or laptop into a unified communications device.


Chronic Conditions Management.
Reduce re-admissions.

By creating clear, easy to use connections between professional, caregiver and patient,  Eiger is able to dramatically improve communication. This improves the efficiency of managing outpatients through their after-care period.

Efficiency &
Clear Communication

Bring any communication between patient, caregiver and professional into one place with Eiger. Creating security, efficiency, clarity and increased profitability.