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Real World Implementation

Our speciality is looking at your current situation and understanding where Eiger can optimize your current engagements. Below are four examples of real-world scenarios where Eiger is applied.

a 1

Nurse, caregiver and patient can communicate freely about insulin use. Most discussion around a diabetics routine, questions and medication can be done via instant message and if necessary, raised to voice/video. This reduces the need for long waiting times and non-urgent communication that wastes time.

a 2
Doctor - Nurse

Enabling easy communication in one place for doctors and their care teams will dramatically increase productivity. Eiger, implemented into the professional care teams will mean all communication between doctor, assistant and nurse is in one place.

a 3
Home Based Care

Both patient and caregiver will be given access to Eiger opening up eight methods of communication between the two. Allowing a patient access to their caregiver digitally via instant message, screen sharing, video/audio sharing and more, will transform the patient'sexperience andallow issues to be resolved quickly.

a 4
Transitional Care

As a person is dismissed from the hospital, Eiger will enable the patient to communicate regularly with their caregiver. Issues can be solved quickly and easily, decreasing the costs associated with readmissions and longer lengths of stay.

Managing Change

A greater emphasis on population health and valued-based care is significantly driving efforts to improve quality outcomes while reducing costs. It is expected that both providers and payors will continue to be challenged to innovate and design programs that allow for greater reimbursement of population health initiatives.